John Cagnol

Paris, France

Current Interests in Research

Piezoelectric shells

The 2D formulation of thin piezoelectric shells is obtained and justified by using intrinsic geometry techniques developed by M. Delfour and J.-P. Zolésio. These results are applied to the active control of structure as well as reduction of vibrations in an acoustical cavity. Current work concern the active control of mirrors.

Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Ferromagnetic Material

This work concerns the modeling and numerical simulation of ferromagnetic material. It is currently funded by the ANR.

Shape optimization and passive control

This work is a part of the general framework of the optimization of the shape of a structure in order to improve its behavior. This study is mainly concerned with the shape optimization of a cavity in order to reduce -or to cancel- the acoustical vibrations which appear therein. Current work concern the shape derivative in the Maxwell equation.